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The move to open standards and distributed applications that Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) supports is well underway. According to industry analyst Meta Group, over 33% of enterprises have begun to develop and deploy J2EE applications.

The most common reason for adopting J2EE is application component reuse, which significantly reduces development time and costs. Businesses can also achieve greater developer productivity and faster returns on their IT investment.

Net Android Expertise

Net Android provides expert design and development services designed to deliver software that optimally leverages the services available from Java™ application servers and the J2EE™ framework, including Java Server Pages™, Java’s Messaging Services and JDBC. We help organizations save development time and cost by leveraging core J2EE application services and capabilities that can be reused by many applications.

Our technical expertise includes:

  • J2EE™ compliant architecture design
  • EJBs (entity, session, message)
  • JSP & Servlets
  • Security management
  • Secure high volume transactions
  • JMS
  • Web services
  • J2EE Design Patterns
  • Development based on market-leading J2EE™-compliant application servers, including BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere
  • B2B Integration (ebXML, EDIFACT & X12)