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Solutions - Net Android Framework

Net Android is a software framework providing tools and infrastructure to develop and manage corporate applications. Net Android allows businesses to reduce web application development time by over 50%. Net Android provides a scalable and secure application development and hosting environment delivered as a net service. Net Android effectively addresses the shortcomings of today's offerings, such as effective version control, application configuration, real-time debugging, robust security and highly granular monitoring.

Key Differentiators:

Minimal skill requirement

  • 100% Web-based development (code, debug, test and deploy) -100% Web-based user interaction

High performance

  • Makes full use of available CPU power-Optimizes bandwidth

Highly scalable

End-to-end security

  • Guaranteed -Authentication -Authorization-Encryption -Non repudiation -Inbuilt into all application component

Ease of maintenance & configuration management

  • Version control -Backup & recovery -Application configuration
  • Highly reliable/ available/ redundant
  • Data & application segregated with optional colocation -Remote development, maintenance, support and monitoring -Usage trending

EAI / Ease & speed of integration with B2B

  • Application integration with remote data -Data migration to & from app services

  • Integration with existing app, hosted or not hosted B2B integration (hosted & non hosted)

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