Process- Overview

Project Life Cycle Objective

Net Android is committed to delivering the highest quality rapid application solutions, regardless of the size of your organization or business requirements. We empower our customers by encouraging their complete involvement in all phases of the project. This is critical in ensuring that Net Android Corp. provides the best solutions for our customers and their clients. We work with you to plan and create the solutions together. Communication and participation are stressed so that the final product represents what the user wants, while at the same time satisfying the organization’s overall goals and objectives.

Project Life Cycle

This section defines all the phases of project life cycle. This will clearly elaborate the steps involved in each phase of the project life cycle and the deliverables of each phase. This will help establish the out come of each phase and what to expect as a deliverable of each of the phase along with the roles and responsibility of both the parties. This will show the correlation between the various phases, the dependency and the impact on the project scope and project cost.

Life Cycle Phase Description

This phase outlines the exact scope of the entire project and the pricing model along with the exact price of the project for the outlined project scope. This phase clearly outlines the basic application flow, exact number of screens, reports, rough project timeline and outlines the application infrastructure. IT clearly outlines all assumptions and deliverables of the project. User sign off is required at the end of this phase to confirm the scope and price of the project.



– Scope Definition of the project

This phase will expand the deliverable to include all the screen design and the report format as described in the Scope Definition Phase. This phase clearly establishes the exact look and feel of the end application including the exact application flow and the detailed functional description of each report and screens. User sign off is required at the end of this phase to confirm the scope and price of the project.



– Screen Designs and Report Formats

This phase will present the design alternative with pros and cons of each design for the implementation of the exact functionality defined by earlier phase. This phase will outline the exact hardware and software required for the client machine as well as the server machines. It also identifies any additional licensing required for third party software used. User sign off at the end of this phase freezes the exact scope of the project and exact project deliverable time line.



– Complete application design including Data base design. Identification of Hardware and third party software to be used on the project

This phase will develop the application to the exact specification defined by the previous phase.



– Application

The client conducts this phase to verify functionality of the application to match the exact specification. User sign off at the end of this phase constitutes successful completion of all project deliverables.



– Fully tested application by the client

There are two ways of Product Delivery. The client can choose either of the following types of delivery.

  • The product is delivered in CD ROM with all the deliverables including the installation instructions.
  • The product is installed based on client’s choice of location, for e.g., Data Center or Client’s Location.



– Application will be deployed to the end users.