Solutions -DotNet Migration

Rapid Development Migrator (RDM) is a framework-based system for migration of enterprise level applications at lightening speed. The RDM enables organizations to reduce their risks and minimize their costs in making the move to new Microsoft .NET platform.

RDM Requirement collector

Requirement collector is based on the expert .net migration knowledge and understanding of the architectural issues. Requirement Collector helps organizations to decide upon the strategy for Rapid .Net migration and automation of high-level design.

RDM Best Practices

The recommendation and architectural design is further strengthened by technology based Best Practices plan. We are working closely with Microsoft to define these best practices involving .Net migration for various types of legacy applications.

Rapid Development

Recommended use of Rapid design and development tools, RDM Code generators , Libraries/Components to web services Migrator
Rich RDM custom control library are part of RDM Rapid development ensuring speed of design and development of applications in .net. The crux here is the work done by us till date on various application and expertise doing so.
RDM also has good knowledgebase of code level converters/snippets and detailed issues arising during these migrations. By doing so, there is significant reduction in migration efforts.