Solutions – Hosting and Data Center Solutions

Perfectly Planned

Make a good first impression. Put your best foot forward. Do it right the first time. This is the way business succeeds now. At Net Android we strive to plan your systems perfectly. So that when you go live, they just work, smoothly, perfectly, from the very start.

Our staff of experienced systems design experts will work with you to design custom solutions from the ground up. We’ll give you everything you need now and work with you to anticipate future needs. By building a systems plan we outline your current needs and provide an upgrade path for expansion, so that when your business is ready to grow, we’re ready too.

When you work with Net Android to design a system, you get years of real industry expertise from people who have built, implemented and upgraded business systems on time and within budget. This means providing real knowledge, not buzzwords, not marketing. We’ve been in the trenches and we’ve done the heavy lifting.

Perfect Security

Beyond software security: Perfect security addresses all aspects of computer security. Protecting your data means evaluating every threat imaginable, and then taking the extra steps to protect against the unforeseen. Located in natural disaster-free Phoenix, AZ our facilities provide robust physical security as well as expert security staff to help evaluate the needs of your business. With Perfect Security your business runs as it should, without interruption, all the time. Security is stability.

Perfect Stability

UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) Multi-tier power keeps the juice flowing to your crucial systems. UPS systems provide protection against power surges and slumps and provide instant on, gap-less power in the event of a public power grid failure. Diesel generators with guaranteed refueling contracts ensure that even in the event of long term power outages, your data remains accessible in an instant.


Computer system like to be kept cool, all the time. Intelligently designed floor plans combined with individual rack and server temperature monitoring provides perfect environmental stability. Heat from the back of the racks is evacuated while cool air is drawn in through the front, providing continuous circulation of cooled air through the rack.


Multiple, redundant connections to the Internet and multiple Ethernet feeds to individual racks ensure that your system stay online.

Physical security

Multiple levels of supervised physical ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed into the data center. Individual Key codes and key cards protect access to the data center floor while locked racks and CCTV (closed circuit TV) protect the interior. All hardware bound of the data center floor is inspected, logged and assigned a tracking ID before it enters the room.

Data Security

Data security is addressed by our Perfect Fit model. We understand that individual business address data security in different ways and will work with your to formulate a plan of attack.

We provide the most comprehensive data security management plan in the industry including: software updates, firewall configuration, virus detection, spam and virus blocking, intrusion detection and prevention and even penetration testing. We also provide 24×7 performance monitoring and alerts, so you know when its time to move onto the next stage of your design plan.


Location-independent file names allow for scalability — files can be relocated and additional
machines and disk resources can be brought online easily. Proven file system technology has
been implemented in single installations of over 50,000 users and growing. Sophisticated quota
system allows administration to tailor storage allocation to individual or group requirements.


Client-side caching stores the most commonly used files close to the desktop to expedite
information access.


Replication enables high availability by placing multiple copies of files and applications across
multiple server machines. Replicated servers can exist in separate geographic locations if


Standards based Kerberos authentication and user management allows
integration with existing IT infrastructure. Can also be used to implement Single
Sign On across an organization’s web and desktop applications.


Fine grained permissions using mandatory access control lists. Inherited
permissions set secure defaults for new files and folders. DES encrypted
login and ticket/token storage system. SSL encrypted web access.

Multi-platform Support

Multiple platform coverage helps leverage existing IT investments and provides mountable
volumes that appear as local storage.

Client software available for:

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux/UNIX