Process- Engagement Models

1. Fixed Time, Fixed Price

A low risk option, when the scope and specifications for the project are reasonably clear.

Net Android’s Quality Standard ensures reliability, predictability and optimized performance of the projects to deliver on time, every time – within your budget.

Combine this with our ‘Offshore Development Center’’ execution model and you have a smart, unbeatable combination.

2.Time and Material

In this model, we form the project team including the management, equipment and infrastructure based on your projected requirements.

You pay the monthly/weekly charges based on the size and composition of the team. This offers you flexibility to balance the size of the team against your projected workloads.

Most on-site services (unless part of a fixed price project) are delivered using this business model. Net Android can bid for partial phases of a project on a Fixed Price basis and the remaining parts on a Time and Material basis if required.

3.Risk/Reward Sharing

This model is sometimes used during software product/sub-system development. Net Android shares the risks involved in developing and marketing a product along with the customer.

Net Android can invest in developing the product and jointly own the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) of the product with the customer.

4.Dedicated Development Facility

DDF is the most preferred business model from the options offered by Net Android. This incorporates a pool of specialized, multi-disciplinary resources that are organized and managed by Net Android to meet the customer’s explicit business objectives. Billing is based on man-months expenses at the contracted rate and expenses as approved on actual for on-site work. It meets the long term outsourcing strategy and allows for a quick start. It is an effective and established offshore development strategy which works like an ‘Extension’ to your own teams. Net Android Can make this work under Build , Operate and Transfer (BOT) arrangement