Process- Offshore Exceution Models

Onsite/Offshore Model

Under this model depending upon the specific set of services involved and scale of the project, Net Android will put in place a combination of onsite and offshore technical resources that will become a virtual extension of the customer’s team. On an average 70% of the total effort is done offshore and 30% at the customer’s site. Typically, an onsite coordinator or a small team from Net Android will be located at the client site to synchronize between the offshore team and the client.

Pure Offshore Model

Under this model, the entire project is carried out offshore Net Android will not have any onsite presence. The client interacts directly with the offshore team

Offsite/Offshore Model

In this model, Net Android will have it’s own office close to client’s site. A team of engineers from this office will coordinate between the customer and the offshore team

The onsite/offshore model has by far been the most successful one among the various models that have emerged. The simple reason being that unlike in the case of pure offshore model, you have the satisfaction of coordinating and discussing requirements and deliverables with an onsite team, while at the same time enjoying the offshore cost advantage.